AIDS Bullet

from by Air Raid

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I have acquired a deficiency
My immune system is the enemy
The body withers, feeling weak
My doctor said the prognosis is bleak
I share too many needles
and fuck too many different people
Life caught up with me, now I have HIV
Time to display my generosity

I must spread the love

Alone is not a pleasant way to die
Bring random strangers along for the ride
Art of seduction takes too long
Deliver my gift, conviction is strong
I formulate a plan
Pop a vein and bust a nut
Diseased fluids drain onto full metal jackets
Malevolent method to infect the masses

I spread the HIV
I spread the love
Your doctors gasp
I laugh as I reach for the gun


Be patient and aim - for an arm or a leg
Survive the gunshot - but now you have AIDS

EMT's are speechless
(STD's and sniper tactics)
My actions are grievous
(Hollow points and prophylactics)
The surgeons scratch their heads
(Entry wound not lubricated)
Cherry popped by hot lead
(Climax reached by never sated)

You have acquired my deficiency
My immune system is your enemy
The body withers, feeling sick
Contract the HIV without getting the dick
Don't worry you're not alone
My magazine can hold a lot more rounds
Needles and bullets, the flesh is tearing
Mother always said, "Sharing is caring!"


from Something Awful, released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Air Raid Chicago, Illinois

Started in 2002, Air Raid has seen lineup and musical direction changes. We are currently dedicated to fucking your ear holes with our blend of thrash and death metal.


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