Something Awful

by Air Raid

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- Tracked and mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Studios

- Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering

-Awful faces made by Princess Macabre Dave Fitzpatrick, and cover art by Janet @ Debris Designs


released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Air Raid Chicago, Illinois

Started in 2002, Air Raid has seen lineup and musical direction changes. We are currently dedicated to fucking your ear holes with our blend of thrash and death metal.


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Track Name: Deathoholic
Every moment
not spent killing
is very unfulfilling
Run you down
Shoot you up
Decapitate, your head I punt
(Your head, I punt)
This addiction
great to have
No detox, no fucking rehab
Just need a body
to mutilate
I'd rather slaughter than masturbate

Your death brings my life
So drunk on the thrill

I must kill them!

Hate the bottle
and the pipe
Don't want to gamble or fucking fight
The thing that alters
my state of mind
A strong narcotic called homicide
(It's called homicide)
It's an urge
to get so high
I can't stop, don't want to try
Double vision
I feel no pain
go out and kill, every night the same

Your death brings my life
So drunk on the thrill

I can't stop killing!
I need more killing!
I love killing!

This addiction
great to have
Fuck your stupid 12 step program
Taking lives
my vice of choice
Finding pleasure ending a voice

Your death brings my life
So drunk on the thrill

Track Name: Mass Suicide Flashmob
A crowded shopping mall
Most mobs are lame, ours takes balls
A lovely day to die
The plan is in effect
Message sent, date is set
Watches are synchronized

Mass Suicide Flashmob

Art is in the eye of the beholder
Beauty, in the mind of the performer
Meaningful expression, not a stunt
The problem is we only perform our act once

Enjoy our exhibition
No survivors
Front row splash guard, free admission
Watch us die!

Slit throats, chugging bleach
elevators crush those beneath
Escalators grind skin
One soul self immolates
Off the roof, a leap of faith
To not applaud would be a sin
Track Name: Helium Hard-On
I want to cause you pain
But I don't know what to do
I've exhausted all my options
I've got to think of something new
I look around the room
to see what I have here
I don't know why I have a helium tank
but I've got a new idea


Your face it shows confusion
as I drag over the tank
The expression changes to horror
as from your pants, your dick I yank
As what I'm about to do
starts to take hold within
I open up the valve
and shove the hose in


The gas it flows inside
Skin starts to expand
Bigger than before
Will your cock float before it explodes?

Track Name: AIDS Bullet
I have acquired a deficiency
My immune system is the enemy
The body withers, feeling weak
My doctor said the prognosis is bleak
I share too many needles
and fuck too many different people
Life caught up with me, now I have HIV
Time to display my generosity

I must spread the love

Alone is not a pleasant way to die
Bring random strangers along for the ride
Art of seduction takes too long
Deliver my gift, conviction is strong
I formulate a plan
Pop a vein and bust a nut
Diseased fluids drain onto full metal jackets
Malevolent method to infect the masses

I spread the HIV
I spread the love
Your doctors gasp
I laugh as I reach for the gun


Be patient and aim - for an arm or a leg
Survive the gunshot - but now you have AIDS

EMT's are speechless
(STD's and sniper tactics)
My actions are grievous
(Hollow points and prophylactics)
The surgeons scratch their heads
(Entry wound not lubricated)
Cherry popped by hot lead
(Climax reached by never sated)

You have acquired my deficiency
My immune system is your enemy
The body withers, feeling sick
Contract the HIV without getting the dick
Don't worry you're not alone
My magazine can hold a lot more rounds
Needles and bullets, the flesh is tearing
Mother always said, "Sharing is caring!"
Track Name: Bionic B-Hole
A life of decadence without consequence
I want what I want NOW
Endless luxury, excess and gluttony
I'll get what I want NOW
Fill my needs in any way I can
Where my desire leads, I am denied by no man
I go all through the night to feed my appetite
I'll have what I want NOW
Hungry or horny, money is the key
I'll fuck what I want NOW
Fill my needs in anyone I can
Where my desire leads, whether it's woman or man
But from all the stress my asshole is a mess
Too much of what I want NOW
From dildos inhumane; protraction, blood, and pain
I need a doctor NOW
Filled my needs in any way I could
Where my desire led, I didn't think if I should

We can rebuild
Rebuild your ass
Will save your ass
We will rebuild
rebuild your ass
Big, new, and strong
Bionic ASS

Come in, sit down. You can't? That's right!
We'll get you prepped and in right now.
Your ass is in good hands, fret not!
I know you'll love the things that we do!

Doc I don't care about what I'll pay
Money is no object, just make it go away
Do what you will and whatever you can
If you make it better, you'll be a rich man

Good! Now we can proceed
I'm sure that we will succeed
Lie down and count back from ten
Now let's begin
Heal the damage that's been done
Work through the steps one by one
His hole will reshape the world!
Chaos unfurled!

I arise from my sleep
and know something has changed
I can feel the power inside!
Bonded with my being
robotic design
Our objective is clear: to KILL
We will not know fear
We will not know pain
The world will know my hole, and they will DIE!
Track Name: Hilarious and Deadly Combination
It's a hilarious and deadly combination

Sheltered and privileged, you live with no consequence
Party with other people's cash
But your days are numbered, you live with no common sense
When you stray further then the grass
The pressure of stardom causes internal torment
(You use hard drugs numerous kinds)
They called you a genius, but you fall short of brilliant
(When you use them at the same time)

It's a hilarious and deadly combination
The only thing better would be assassination
Or perhaps a shotgun suicide
Weeping from the sheer frustration
(Let out a chuckle)
As the Hollywood elite O.D. and die

You were found on the ground in a puddle of dark red puke
Bogus life, then you die. this is how they will remember you

The obituary was filled with blank emotion, but cause of death was sort of vague
Opiates, ecstasy, eight hundred dollar champagne
The list would fill a second page
So much for that Oscar, they auction off your next role
(Snorting lines off you at the wake)
Forced mourning for a month, but then the show must go on
(Twelve more carbon copies to take your place)
Track Name: Opportunity For Cruelty
Our species squanders evolution
Hardwired hate and jealousy
Excess and poverty are all too common
Disappointment a global theme
Endless battles are caused by different gods and unlike flesh
Progress equals footprints on the moon

Our first mistake was when we crawled out of the sea
into a bright green paradise now turning gray
(Opportunity - Opportunity for cruelty)
Never pass up a chance to ruin someone's day

Broken promise
Infidelity inverts a smile
Civil warfare
Familiar enemies stacked in a pile
Wrong convictions
Primetime TV
Self indulgent tragedy
Sadomasochistic opportunity

World leaders attend lavish banquets
Subjects scrape by and sacrifice
Technology is racing forward
while character drags years behind
Charity is a status symbol
Just like frivolity and greed
Might makes right
Price makes might
One day a red sun breaks the cycle, and sets us free

Our second error is when we crawled down from the trees
Picked up a rock and smashed the face of paradise
(Opportunity - Opportunity for cruelty)
Never ignore a chance to fuck up someone's life
Track Name: God Hates Fags, But He Loves the Cock
I talk to God everyday
He says he hates all things gay
If you take it in the butt
you must die you homo slut
Judgement comes for those who sin
No repentance, can't get in
Heaven's love will have no smear
Down to Hell you evil queer!

If you think we're wrong
We'll come to your town
No, it won't be long
(Till you hear our message, yell it loud!)
God would never lie
Heed the words we say
You deserve to die
(If you allow scum like this to thrive!)

Ever watching
All things knowing
You can't escape his wrath divine!

The rage and lies
In your yells and cries
It can't shake my faith
Written on my picket sign

I have done God's work today
So I leave smile on my face
Suddenly a light ahead....

My God, he shows himself to me!
But why is he down on his knees?

There I see; his mouth his wide, his head nods approvingly
The stranger smiles at me
Then he pushes harder, faster, deeper in
So I run to get away, with visions of that BJ haunting me
No, it can't! This has to be untrue, the Lord would never lie!
Now the image growing, going deeper in
Can't go on with my life knowing that it has been a lie

I'll end my life because I can't go on knowing God swallows!